Construction and Demolition Jobs

Construction and demolition work is about having the right people with the right skill level for the job. Our focus is on providing helpers to the lead hands and the journeymen involved in your project. We provide the right skill and support to the qualified people you have on staff. The workers we provide are focused, motivated, and ready to take direction.

We also provide ticketed tradespeople; however, to serve you properly these people are provided on a contracted basis rather than day-to-day.

Prime Staffing is extremely experienced and with the ability to ramp up from a small group of workers to a large scale force, we can adapt to any project scope.

Prime Staffing also has qualified cleaners that span the entire project life cycle. We have specific workers for job site clean-up throughout the construction and demolition process and specific workers for final cleaning at the end of your project.

Personnel Required: General labourers, trained & ticketed hazardous material workers, experienced labourers with specific construction knowledge, demolition workers, cleaning personnel, apprentice or journeyman trades people, supervisors; asbestos, mold, and hazardous materials experience.

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