Working outdoors can offer a lot of benefits. Although many individuals love working in an office, others enjoy the opportunity to have the outdoors become their work space. Alberta employers provide the opportunity for a variety of different temp jobs that’s perfect for individuals looking to work outdoors.

A series of different jobs are based on the season. However, winter time in Edmonton still offers a variety of temp jobs in winter. One of the most significant aspects of working outdoors is that it can provide a different sense of accomplishment compared to regular jobs often found indoors. This is not to say that one position is better or worse than the other, but there are several health benefits to working outdoors compared to working in an office environment.

One of the worst culprits of working in an indoor office environment includes the amount of time we spend sitting in one place. Employees do not move around nearly as much as they should, which causes a problem with circulation. It is recommended to at least stand up for 15 minutes every hour you spend working. Sitting also leads to poor posture, which can further contribute to back pain and tense muscles, especially when leaning in to use a computer.

Working outdoors reduces some of the common symptoms of working in front of a computer all day, but lowering the risk of vision problems, carpal tunnel and more.

In fact, it is better for our mental and physical health when we spend more time outdoors, especially during winter when our vitamin D levels are insufficient due to lowered exposure to the sun. Even some studies show that doctors recommend enhancing our mental health by spending more time outside. It seems as though working outdoors gives the best of both worlds. It allows us to achieve our job while extracting the benefits of nature for our overall health.

Here are five science-backed benefits of being outdoors:

Enhanced Happiness

Our moods are connected to our environment so it should come as no surprise that research shows that spending time outdoors can affect our happiness. By having a positive shift in our mood, we improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety or reduce the risks altogether.

Reduced Pain

Being outdoors also contributes to naturally lowering pain for an inflammation in our bodies, which includes back and muscle pain.

Increase Energy

Our environment helps set the tone for our energy, so it is easy to understand that being outside of an office makes us more energetic.

Stress Relief

The benefits of spending time outdoors is similar to the benefits we receive from meditation. We can naturally lower the level of stress we have, which can positively affect the brain and the body, while lower blood pressure and heart rate.

A recent study that was conducted b the L.L. Bean 2018 Work and the Outdoors survey asked individuals who worked indoors about their thoughts on changing their work environment to being outdoors. Approximately 87% of employees who worked indoors stated that they would enjoy working outdoors more. Of the indoors workers surveyed, more than half, 57%, spend less than 30 minutes outside during their working hours

The importance of connecting employees with nature has in recent years proven to be of importance for many companies. Even tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft strive to compensate their working environment to include some of the benefits of working outdoors. To try and find a balance given their restraints, many companies have included biophilic designs in their modern offices.

The biophilia hypothesis states that humans possess a tendency to seek a connection with nature. Biophilic design serves as an innovative way to design a space to include elements of nature into the layout.

Although no innovative design can completely replicate being outdoors, it is something that many companies have understood to be important. Working outdoors provides a series of different benefits, and there are many temp jobs available in Edmonton, to help you get the best of both worlds.

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