If you decided on hiring temporary service, you probably know the benefits of temporary employees. They are the best rescue that you can expect when you have urgent or limited labour requirements. Although when you opt for temp service from a reputed company like Prime Staffing, you can expect quality services, you sometimes need to take steps to keep these temporary employees motivated. Boosting the performance of temp labours is almost similar to keeping the productivity of your in-house staff high. But we have outlined some of the effective ways to do so.

1) Hire What You Need

Sometimes, hiring the right people helps you in getting high-quality work from them. Suppose you hire wrong professionals for your requirements and the team has less to no knowledge and experience of working the way you want them to, they’ll fail to deliver quality services. Provide your temp service provider with as much detail about your needs as possible. The more closely a labourer matches your requirements, the more successful they’ll be on the job. Not only this, you should opt for an experienced temp service providing firm that has been there in the market for a while. Market experience helps these agencies to recruit the best-suited talent for the specific needs.

2) Provide Orientation Program

When you hire a reputed temporary staffing agency like Prime Staffing, you can expect the temporary workers to be highly trained and ready for the job. We have a pool of people who are experts at handling different type of labour jobs. After hiring the best people, we train them well so that our clients don’t have to wait before getting labourers for their urgent or temporary work needs. But we recommend our clients to provide some training and orientation to these workers so that they can understand the individual business functions and their culture to provide the right services.

Designate a core staff member to help orient the temporary workers. Review information such as working hours, breaks and lunch schedules, any safety regulations or company rules, and contact information for direct supervisors. Make sure that these labourers know exactly what is expected from them before they start with their responsibilities. Once the team knows everything, they will be able to provide high-quality services.

3) Offer Attractive Perks

We all love to receive perks and mementos for the hard work we do. You probably have a lot of services, perks, discounts, rewards, and other ways of acknowledgement for your employees. It’s now time to acknowledge your temporary workers as well. Just like it works for your employees, perks and rewards will work for these temporary works too. Create a competitive atmosphere among the temporary and permanent employees, to make them believe that they are all working towards a common goal. Reward them for their excellent job, so that they come up with even better performances till they are with you. Invest in gift cards, coupons, gift hampers, incentives, paid leave, bonuses, food and drinks, and other things to create an immense psychological impact on temporary labourers.

4) Be Approachable and Available

The way you are readily available for temporary workers has a direct impact on their productivity. If you are hiring a temp service provider and you meet every temporary labour personally, they will consider you as the direct point of contact in case they have any doubts or concerns. They will look for you in such situations. So make sure that you are available for them just the way you are for your employees. And being available isn’t just enough. Even if they are temporary labourers, you should be happy to talk to them. After all, they are working for you. If you think that you won’t be around most of the time and if you want to appoint someone else as the point of contact, let both the parties know. Make sure they know to whom they should direct those questions. Encourage them to ask questions, and see to it that whoever they report to is approachable and answering.

5) Ask For Specific Motivating Aspects

Every person has a different style of working, and different things keep them motivated. Whether it’s your full-time team or temporary labourers, there’s no one-size-fits-all motivation or perks that keep everybody going. It is easy to identify what works for your employees through open and clear communication, interview, and extracurricular activities. But that’s not the case with temp workers. So, you will have to ask the temp service provider to know what motivates every labourer that you’ll have at your site. If you are hiring just one professional, it’s easy to keep track. But if you hire a team, make sure you know what can make each one of them more productive. Once you know and once the labourers are on site, try to acknowledge and award them in a way that will motivate them and increase their productivity.