No matter what type of business you own, the importance of having a workforce cannot be understated. You want a top-notch team of employees working for you if you want a successful business. If your business needs a temporary employee due to the demands of constantly changing projects and to reduce overall staffing costs, you need new talent for the trial period. No matter what the reason is, there are temporary staffing agencies that provide you with workers for a short period of time. But with so many temporary staffing agencies offering temp services at attractive rates, how do you choose the right staffing company for your business? Here are some of the things you need to consider while hiring a staffing company.

1) Research

Before you start researching, determine your needs. What type of employees do you require? For how long do you need them? Narrow down the list of staffing firms based on the kind of workers they recruit. Use their websites, look at their ads, job postings, and even their social sites to narrow down the search. Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbours for references and also about the company’s reputation. Make sure to visit their office in person and discuss the employee pool. You can always see the online testimonials and check their client base to understand what kind of clients they have recruited for and what experience they had.

2) Interaction

Staffing firms are employers; therefore, their management practices will affect the type of employees they recruit. When you visit a staffing company, you need to evaluate the services that they are ready to provide. Evaluate their management team and the way they approach you. Your staffing firm will be training and recruiting staff for you. When you work with a staffing agency, they are representing your employer brand and acting as an extension of an HR department. Ensure that you look for a professional organization to reduce dealing with the legal responsibilities of being an employer.

3) Transparency

If your agency is unclear in their communication, then it is not the right staffing company for you. Transparent temporary staffing agencies will always be clear, explain every clause and won’t try to hide soft costs, won’t be vague with commitments and guarantees, and won’t speed through contracts to get you signed. Good staffing agencies will always provide clear offerings, break down the costs for you and take additional time to make sure you understand the level of service that you are getting.

4) Recruitment Techniques

Do you want the staffing firm for just recruitment? Or are you looking for support when it comes to skill testing, on-boarding, and candidate training? What kind of database does it maintain? You need to get details and determine if the recruitment techniques are passive or active. If you are looking for a temporary position, consider if the firm’s compensation and benefits are competitive to attract the type of employees you need. Not all staffing firms will offer the same additional services and follow the same recruitment process. So choose the right staffing firm that aligns with all your needs and expectations.

5) Screening and Testing

Many staffing agencies offer initial skills tests to recruits. Some of the specific skill training might include software tutorials, and educating them on business etiquette. These skills and training will help prepare the employee before entering the office. Temporary staffing agencies also conduct background checks and drug tests. When you hire these companies, you don’t have to put time and effort into finding and training the right people, which means you can focus on your business. So, find out how they carry outsourcing, screening, and the selection process.

6) Understanding

The right staffing firm will always have an extensive database of available workers to help you get the right person for the job in your company. When you’re interviewing the staffing firm, ask them open-ended questions about your company and the particular job position you want to fill. Their replies will help give you a better understanding of their level of necessary knowledge. It is also important for the staffing company to understand your company culture. Company culture refers to a company’ personality. As every company has its own culture, it is important to hire employees that are also a good cultural fit.

Working with the right staffing partner is vital to assure that your future temporary employees will provide the highest return on your investment.