Today, organizations are becoming better and more efficient in several ways. While the thought of progressing and making their business better is in their minds, companies are becoming more sensitive towards their employees. Business owners and managers are taking steps towards safeguarding and securing their staff people so that they don’t face any issues during, before, or after their work hours. One such step towards the betterment taken by employers is introducing CPR training to their workers. And not just introducing, companies are taking efforts to train their employees, whether hired directly or via recruitment agencies, with CPR.

Let us understand what this means.

What is CPR Training?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving procedure performed when the heart stops beating. Immediate CPR can double or triple the chances of survival after cardiac arrest. The procedure helps in keeping the blood flow active, active enough so that the one who suffers can feel some relief. The training includes the process of providing different types of CPR – conventional CPR, compression-only CPR, and hands-only CPR.

Now that you know what CPR means, let us understand why every organization must provide this training and why even various recruitment agencies suggest the same.

Benefits of CPR Training for Workplaces

Saves Life

The biggest benefit of training your employees with proper CPR modules is that it enables them to save others’ lives. It equips your employees with the right skills and knowledge that give them the capability to respond immediately and administer emergency CPR as needed. It will allow them to know about the proper procedure for assisting victims of heart attack patients. The employees will learn about how to handle medical emergencies in the workplace without panicking.

Prevent Delays

Sometimes, the situation of the person affected can become worse with every second passing. But when there’s someone on-site to respond to a person who falls sick, the situation can be taken under control. In case of an emergency like a severe panic attack, CPR trained employee can respond promptly and reduce the chances of the damage getting worse while you wait for an ambulance to arrive. Till the time an ambulance arrives, the person can feel better, or at least not worse. And once the ambulance arrives, the right treatment can start.

Lower the Number of Cases

Apart from all these benefits, you can be assured that the CPR training will prove a reduction in workplace accidents and emergencies. This means that these training teach your employees common cautions they can take to be more aware and mindful of their safety in the workplace. They become more alert in the company, minimizing the risk of suffering an injury.

Create a Positive Environment

CPR training will ensure employees’ health and safety, as well as provide substantial value to the workers and your organization as well. Employees face all types of hazards whilst at work, so providing a safe work environment is an essential characteristic of a healthy workplace. By sponsoring first-aid and CPR training classes, you can show your staff members that you care about creating a safe workplace. It also shows your willingness to invest in your employees. And as confirmed by most recruitment agencies, when employees feel valued, they’re more productive, and their morale is generally higher.

Familiarize with the Equipment

By having your employees take CPR classes and get first aid training, the first time they open a first aid kit isn’t going to be in an emergency situation. They are going to feel confident with the contents of the kit. They will know what everything is and what it is used for.

Boost Employee Confidence

After getting thoroughly trained with CPR, your employees will not feel afraid in case someone suffers from a heart attack. They will become more confident in handling emergency situations. It will allow them to provide timely assistance to the heart attack victim saving the life of the co-workers. When employees are confident in performing CPR, it will help them to manage the emergency as mentioned above easily. Training offers vital knowledge and will increase your employees’ confidence and morale.

Help Beyond Your Organization

The benefits of providing CPR training isn’t only limited to your organization but is also extended to your employees’ personal lives. Employees who embark on CPR training will learn more than just simple techniques. They will understand how to use basic medical equipment, properly bandage cuts, and resuscitate someone who has lost consciousness. These types of skills are applicable in all areas of life and can go a long way to help save the lives of community or family members outside of work.

CPR and first aid play an integral part in saving lives and reducing injuries because they allow immediate action to be taken after an accident.

If you are wondering what you will have to train the temporary workers you hire through recruitment agencies every time a new one joins, don’t worry about it. When you hire reputed recruitment agencies like Prime Staffing, you can be assured that the workers are pre-trained. We train all our pool of workers so that they can handle medical emergencies whether they take place inside your organization or at an external site.