Technology has reached the level where automation has become a prime need for all organisations related to manufacturing or public services. Too much automation has already had people struggling for jobs in the skill sectors that no longer require the workforce they once needed. People working under firms have had to work for lower wages because most of the work is taken care of by the machines and humans are needed but are seen as an option. This led to the common psychology of self-respect among workers and chains of restaurants and food processing plants saw many workers leaving due to unsatisfactory wages.

Another reason for the labour shortage is a lack of skills. There are people in the country that are jobless, yet 53% of the small and mid-size businesses are complaining about labour shortage that is going to cost them in business investments. The reason being, there are people who are seeking out jobs, but the employers cannot just hire someone without the skills required for the work. Lesser skilled people are being employed into small businesses at most, but the other companies that require specific skills suffer from the lack of a competent workforce. So what steps should be taken in order to function during a labour shortage?

Get Creative with Recruitment

Recruiting people and retaining them for your business is a tough job on any day. If the recruits don’t find the work environment appeasing, they are sure to leave the job. Recruitment challenges are always there during labour shortage period, but then pleasing people should be on your skill if you’re running a business. Get creative with the recruitment process and don’t be troubled by the thought of going to new people yourselves to get them to work for you. Take a survey of the job portals and look for the ones that have a high rise of people looking for jobs. When you are posting a job, in the newspapers or online portals, be sure to make your workplace stand out, implying the fact that working with your firm is comfortable and satisfactory. Persist in the perks of working with you. Add the fun facts about your workplace, give them a taste of a relaxed workplace and ask them for their discomforts. You can also add referral bonuses for employees that refer the job to a friend and bring in new blood.

Partner Up

While recruiting don’t just rely on job portals and recruitment services. Go out of your zone and look for places that are creating the workers and artisans of tomorrow. Schools, colleges and universities are full of students that are looking for opportunities to work on after their education is complete. Somewhere in this, you can also find the perfect brains and skills that you want for your workplace. Offer the students development opportunities, such as internships on stipends, take efforts in joining the job fairs organised at these facilities, after school programs may also get you a few temporary employees which you may later turn into permanent, once they have begun to like your workplace and are proving to be an important asset.

Take off Extra Responsibilities From Your Staff

It is understandable to have extra administration or management task to take care of, but that doesn’t mean you put that on your employees. The millennial generation today is sensitive about responsibilities. When you hire a person for a task that needs their skills, don’t try to put them on to something that is beneath them and needs extra time than their own shifts. Checking on utilities, accounting for certain things or making people check in to the place of business are things that would be taking their mind off the task at hand. So when you complain about the work not being perfect, that employee is thinking the same about your firm. Always hire temporary staff for admin issues and work on delegating people the work they are worth.

Have Flexible Schedules

Time is relevant to everyone’s life differently. Everyone has a different time of day when they perform well or can be available for the duration of hours. As humans, employees have a life outside of work which will affect your work in many direct or indirect ways. When you allow flexible timings to your employees, it goes a long way in creating loyalty. There would surely be days when you really need them to be in at a time chosen by you, but for those days you must have considered their prior requests of working a few fewer hours or working a different shift than they usually do. The new workforce emerging in today’s environment considers the flexibility of working a lot. When you show your perception for their work-life balance, is when recruitment gets easy and even boosts the performance of temporary employees.

Provide More Employee Benefits

Better wage cap is an important factor during a labour shortage period but just improvising on the salary isn’t enough for keeping employees happy or loyal enough to suggest you to other people. Apart from increasing the basic salary that your employees get, add benefits for temporary employees that give them assurity of being supported by the firm. You must ideate for better perks at your workplace and provide benefits like, real-time incentives, skill development training, overtime opportunities and reimbursements for certain expenses that the employees incur for their working hours. You can use the perks to turn temporary employees into permanent ones by offering term bonuses after a certain period of employment at your firm.

Losing employees due to recession or lack of average skill of the Populus can be devastating to the business. In such times you must make sure that your work doesn’t get flawed by lack of human resources. Hire temporary employees that can do your work until you recruit people that you think will stay and serve the purpose of your company. To hire temporary staff contact Prime Staffing.