Winter has come in Canada. This is the time when you will need assistance to clear your property so that it is safe and accessible. We suggest hiring temporary labourers for snow removal and facility management jobs to help you through the season. Here are some of the benefits of hiring temporary labourers to help with this.

Short-term Solution

The whole concept of hiring temporary labourers means hiring people to work for you for a limited period. You do not have to hire these people for months or even weeks. If you think that the snow collected can be cleared in two days, you can take advantage of hiring employees for two days. Seasonal requirements make this the preferred solution. All you have to do is contact Prime Staffing, and we will arrange them for you. You can explain what you are looking for, and you will get the right people to do the job for you.

Immediate Availability

Snow can wreak havoc at any moment now that winter is here. You cannot wait for people to work for you around their availability. Hiring new employees just to look after this job will also delay the process. This is where our seasonal labourers can help you. We allow you to manage ever-changing staffing issues by helping them easily adjust the size of our workforce with the changes in snow levels to be removed. They can add or deduct support on an as-needed basis, without having to pay for full-time salaries or make painful layoffs. In other words, you will not ever have to wait to get people to work for you; we will make them available in a couple of hours. This is possible because of our pool of efficient labourers who are experienced in snow removal jobs.

No Need to Buy Equipment

Various types of snow removal tasks require different tools and equipment. If your facility does not already have shovels, pushers and other snow removal tools, you will first have to spend time and money on buying all of them. You can rather hire temporary labourers to look after the job. We provide all our snow removal workers with the shovels ready to dish out elbow grease for the job.

Easier Hiring Process

If you had to hire people just to get rid of snow, you would have to go through your usual process of hiring people. Your typical hiring process may look like advertising the vacancy, screening various candidates, interviewing them, training them, and then your work would be done. When you hire temporary labourers from a temporary staffing agency, you just need to explain your requirements. Within a couple of hours, we will send the best-suited people to your premises. As soon as you get in touch with us, we ensure that we make the right people available.

A Wide Range of Services

Snow removal can include other processes such as manual shoveling, ice breaking, clearing, and sanding. When you hire Prime Staffing for temporary labourers for snow removal, you can expect our experts to provide all of these services. In other words, we are your one-stop solution for snow removal and facility cleaning services. This is not often possible if you hire specialized people to clear your property. People may not be experienced to do all of these, and hence, you will require multiple people to do the job. More people means more time and money to be invested in hiring them.

If you wish to learn more about temporary labourers for your seasonal requirements, you can talk to us. Or you can simply save our number and give us a call whenever you need snow removal assistance. Call us on 587-805-0879, and we’ll be there for you.