When it comes to getting help you need for your job, it is important to know that the person (or people) you hire have what it takes to get the work done. While it may be obvious and common sense to have someone who is insured, the right experience, and a good reputation, taking the extra time to dig a bit deeper will make sure they are right for you. At Prime Staffing, due diligence is a hallmark of our success and customer satisfaction. Here are some things to take a deeper look into when it comes to the usual traits for general labourers.

1- General Liability, Safety, and Workers Compensation Insurance

Knowing exactly what this means is important to not only the workers, but for yourself and the work to be done as well. While these all sounds like terms that certainly check off the boxes for good people, it is important to know where this is coming from. There are many governing bodies covering safety memberships, business accreditations, and other councils. While having long-winded terms and conditions that remind you Apple may look thorough, the bloated nature of them can give you a false impression. Having the ability for the workers or company providing the staff thoroughly answer your questions is important to know that the people you hire truly are qualified.

We recommend looking into the exact terms laid out to you by management, and if it makes sense to a regular person. Anything that may seem overly complicated should raise some red flags. It is also important to investigate the specific certifications to understand their legitimacy. At Prime Staffing, we are COR certified for safety and have a Partnership in Injury Reduction to ensure the well-being of everyone we work with.

2- Time Estimates

Having a general sense of the turnaround time for your job should give you an idea when choosing the right worker. When provided by the labourer teams, this also ties into experience as it will provide you a bit of their experience in similar work. At the same time, if you are given a questionable timeline that may seem a bit too short, you will have to consider if there is truly any trade-off in quality versus quantity. For larger scale projects, a project manager should be able to provide a detailed outline on the work so that expectations are established on the onset of the work.

A good company that can provide you with contingency plans will give you assurance that they are providing basic due diligence.

3- Experience

It should be obvious to have an experienced person familiar with the type of job you want accomplished. Some easy ways to check their credibility is a quick reference check. One thing to take note of is how simple this process entails. If they are willing to provide a contact who can vouch for their work, or if this type of information is readily available, then that should give you confidence in the person that they have no problem upholding their reputation. However, if they are reluctant or if you have difficulty finding out this information, that may raise some flags.

At Prime Staffing, we make sure that we provide you with the reliable people you need to finish your Our PrimePro programs includes a thorough screening process with our workers who have the exact qualifications and attitude needed for your job.