When you own a lawn care service, landscaping, or any business that focuses on residential or commercial outdoor enhancement and projects, anticipating the number of labourers you will need across the duration of any given project can sometimes become challenging. More than often, you would dislike the idea of turning away good business just because when a project comes your way, you do not have the extra staff required to handle the project and you end up declining only because you have no other option.

In the following paragraphs, we will show you a better way to deal with such situations. If you are not leveraging temporary labour currently in order to help address the staffing needs for your lawn care or landscape business, then you should definitely consider doing so. In this blog post, we are going to dive into how you can tap into utilizing temporary labour to make sure you have the capacity to accept any unforeseen projects that come your way with the potential to add more revenue to your company.

So basically, what are temporary staff?

Let us start with the very basics. Temporary labourers or skilled persons are workers you can hire according to the demand based on new and unexpected projects. Whether you need a small group of temporary workers to join you on short notice to complete short projects such as a half-day lawn remodeling project, or any substantially longer projects ranging between a couple of weeks to a few months, you can hire short-term workers labour to fill in the gaps and even work in shifts to make up for lost time.

We recommend looking into the exact terms laid out to you by management, and if it makes sense to a regular person. Anything that may seem overly complicated should raise some red flags. It is also important to investigate the specific certifications to understand their legitimacy. At Prime Staffing, we are COR certified for safety and have a Partnership in Injury Reduction to ensure the well-being of everyone we work with.

What are the benefits of hiring last-minute landscaping labour?

You would never want to hire more employees than you actually need. Being the owner of your business, you’ll have a good understanding of the number of employees you need to hire on a permanent basis and the reserve labour you need to have at hand in the form of tried and trusted temporary workers in order to cover a typical week’s or a month’s worth of work.

Since you have a fairly good idea of how many employees you need to fulfill your fixed labour demand, hiring additional staff to meet your changing business needs makes greater sense. Simply put, it is best to hire temporary labour who can do the job you need them to do, when you need them to. Beside the cost-saving benefits of hiring temporary labour, they can help you take on and complete more projects, generate more revenue for the company, and do so without taking on extra costs and risks.

One of the most intriguing benefits of hiring temporary labour is the fact that you can freely hire and terminate temporary workers according to your changing workload. Since you experience varying customer requests and orders based on many variables such as the time of the year, the weather conditions, and annually changing demographics, you should have the capability to hire temporary labour to scale your team up on a short notice.

How should you prepare your temporary workers for an outdoor project?

Preparing temporary workers for a new project can prove to be a fairly challenging task. If you have a team of full-time employees, it sometimes becomes difficult to train temporary labour in a short time, especially if the workers are not the same people you have worked with multiple times in the past. It is imperative to ensure that the temporary workers know what the work requires of them and understand the work guidelines as well as standard operating procedures before they can begin working for your company. Whether it is regarding which tools or equipment to use, the skills and knowledge they are expected to possess or acquire to handle the equipment, the level of customer service they need to provide, you’ll need to convey your expectations and requirements clearly, so that they come prepared for the job and no client is left complaining or unsatisfied.

Make sure that you are completely transparent with your workers and they are onboard with your plan about what you need them to do and what they do should avoid in order to prevent confusion in the workplace. With everything very clearly laid out in the form of a sound work plan and strategy, who knows, you may find temporary workers with whom you can build a great relationship and hire over and over again.

Now let’s move towards the pros and cons of hiring temporary labour.

The pros of hiring temporary labour outweigh the cons. Listed below are a few pros of hiring temporary labour and how the landscaping businesses can benefit from them. 

Makes your business adaptable to fluctuating workloads

Temporary labour helps you greatly when your staff is absent, on leave, or when your company has additional workload. In such cases hiring temporary labour to divide your workload and meet the clients’ demands can be a godsend.

Maintains staffing flexibility

With the popularity and power of flexible work arrangements, landscapers must stay updated with current workforce needs and trends. Hiring temporary labour is one of the best ways to gain flexibility and provide employment opportunities at the same time.

If a business has a mixed pool of temporary and permanent labour, then it will result in a more flexible job market, a more efficient workplace, and greater opportunities for the landscapers and the labour.

Let your business evaluate a worker without any commitment

Based on your preferences or evaluation, you can employ temporary labour for a short period of time or offer a full-time post to a temporary worker if he is a good fit for your business. Landscapers can employ temporary labour under a cost-efficient and outstanding arrangement to test and recruit the worker’s abilities before hiring them for permanent employment. Many companies repeatedly hire temporary labourers who have proven to be great assets to the company. Hiring good temporary labour can be the best way of getting work done while you evaluate and finalize the finest candidates for a specific job  If you are not satisfied with their performance, the easiest way to remedy this is to contact the respective agencies that provided the workers and they will handle the rest.

Can save your time and money

The cost of hiring temporary labour is significantly lower than the cost of hiring full-time workers, especially if you face seasonal spikes in demand for your services. In short, it is more cost-efficient to hire temporary labour during high workload periods. For seasonal work of landscapers, temporary labour is simply put, the best option you can avail according to your needs.

When you employ a worker through an agency, the agency is responsible for screening, testing, hiring the worker, managing their payroll including taxes and WCB, fulfilling the required paperwork needs, etc.

A temporary labour arrangement can lead to a long-term positive relationship 

Temporary labour can offer specialized skills to the landscapers as they acquire additional skills from all the work they do for other companies from completely different industries.  Temporary workers recruited through specialized staffing agencies are now employed in virtually every industry. Usually, companies need temporary labour for low key and unskilled positions. Nowadays temporary workers include very skilled workers with a broad range of work experience and educational backgrounds. These workers can skillfully handle critical project needs, limited or tight timelines and demand scope of work.

When looking for an agency that provides you the best services within a specific time, and is accommodating and experienced, you tend to exclusively hire their workers over and over again. A good relationship with your temporary workers and the agencies that meet your staffing requirements during your hour of need goes a long way towards meeting your project completion and revenue goals.

Cons of hiring temporary labour

As with every aspect of business decision making, there a couple of cons associated with the decision to hire temporary workers. So, before you decide to hire temporary labour, you should consider the following:

Reliable workers

Since temporary workers are with you on an on-demand basis, it is essential they are on the worksite on time and ready to work. Working with an agency that assures quality, transportation and PPE when needed can save you the stress of no-shows. Avoid disadvantages by clearly communicating your expectations to the agency and workers on your site.

Less training

Training temporary labour is usually a short process, for general labour and specific skilled tasks, minimal training on your part is fine, however if the job at hand requires specific protocols or methods of work, you will need to factor in training time for temporary staff.

Variety of workers

A variety of workers with varying skill sets can be both a pro and a con. Usually you can request the same worker you have hired from an agency again, or ensure you have placed a work order with that worker for the duration of your project.