When hiring a temp worker, it is important to know exactly what you are getting despite the short-term nature of your working relationship. Ultimately, your work is important to you so your hired help should reflect important attributes to ensure a job well done.


You cannot get the job done if the person is not there right? While punctuality is certainly important, reliability also includes proven experience from the worker that they know what they are doing. Having a good word from previous clients also gives you a good sense that they have done well in the past. Lastly, knowing that temporary workers have completed all tasks in their assignment within your time frame demonstrates their ability to follow through on your direction. 

Positive Attitude 

Ever feel the vibe change in the room when someone enters? This could be a good or bad feeling, but of course having someone with the right attitude can shift the energy in your workplace for the better. Having an outstanding, personable worker can bring about many other benefits for the rest of your crew as enthusiasm is contagious. Who would not want someone who comes in with the energy and gusto ready to work?   

Work Ethic 

Along with a positive attitude, it is crucial to have someone who is not afraid to dish out the elbow grease. Tying into reliability, knowing your temp worker is going to put forth the effort shows their level of enthusiasm for your job. Otherwise, a performance that is just going through motions may lead to potential sub-par results. Knowing this shows you that your time and investment in them is worth your money. 


Having a worker who can present themselves in a professional manner, or at least one reflective of the type of work they are doing is important to the image of your company. As a temp worker, they may not be around forever, but their presence does have an impact during the time they are there. First impressions do mean a lot, especially if you have other clients or customers coming through your business. Even if the job is not client-facing, being presentable is always important and that they look the part. 

Communication Skills 

Temporary workers can come with varied experience working in different environments. Because of this variation, they should be able to adapt to new settings including your own. Demonstrating good communication skills shows that they are not afraid to ask questions to get a clear understanding of their work. The worst thing that can happen is if they come in with assumptions that do not align with your expectations. Essentially, this boils down to their ability to fit in with your job so that they can perform well just like anyone else on your team. It is always better to spend the time to prevent problems before they can arise. 

Ultimately, a temp worker should ideally embody all common positive traits. These are but a few that we have seen with the most success in our Prime Pro program where all our workers have a reputation for being dependable, having great work ethics, and always come to work with a positive attitude.  Get in touch with us and see how our people can help you with your work.