Are you on the lookout for warehouse jobs in Edmonton? You are in luck because a lot of businesses are resuming their operations after a dry spell due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As enterprises are establishing a new normal for their operations, skilled and unskilled laborers are in demand.

As the pandemic is subsiding slowly, many more shipments are expected to be circulated all over the country. This is due to the increasing demands from various industries, retailers, and consumers.

But do you know which type of warehouse jobs are the most popular? There are different roles in demand, and one of these might be the one for you.

You can consider these five types of warehouse jobs:

1. Receiver

As a Receiver in a warehouse, you will be responsible for all the shipments coming to the warehouse. This job comes loaded with quite a bit of responsibility. Why? Because you’ll be responsible for recording and verifying the shipment.

Here are the responsibilities you will be undertaking as a Receiver in a warehouse:

  •         Unloading incoming shipments
  •         Cross-checking the packing lists to verify the shipments
  •         Looking for damages and recording them, if any
  •         Confirming the number by counting everything

2. Warehouse Associate

Warehouse Associates are generally expected to work on a range of warehouse tasks. Being in this position puts you under various responsibilities, such as:

  •         Picking and packing orders
  •         Helping load the shipments going out
  •         Taking inventory
  •         Working dockside with the receiver to help unload shipments coming to the warehouse

Warehouse Associates are usually a little more experienced, but may also be entry-level positions. Your duties might change daily depending on what the warehouse requires or you may even get hired temporarily to complete a particular task.

Warehouse Associate jobs are excellent part-time warehouse jobs in Edmonton.

3. Forklift Operators

Well, it’s a no-brainer that shipments are usually moved to different places in a warehouse: to rearrange, organize, or prepare to be shipped to their destination. This task is done by Forklift Operators. Forklift operators are laden with several responsibilities such as:

  •         Storing the shipments coming to the warehouse in particular places
  •         Moving shipments going out to the loading dock
  •         Helping organize inventory

You will need training to operate a forklift to qualify for this warehouse job.

4. Warehouse Manager

After working in the warehousing industry for a couple of years or coming in with industry experience, you may qualify for a Warehouse Manager position.

From incoming shipments, to managing inventory, to operating machines such as a forklift, you’d be expected to have experience involved in a warehouse’s day-to-day operations. In addition to this, you might also require experience in managing staff to qualify for most management positions.

5. General Labour

Every industry requires some General Labourers. The duties and roles are very diverse for General Labourers at a warehouse. If you get hired as one, you might undertake the following responsibilities:

  •         Assist with warehouse maintenance and janitorial work
  •         Help with moving the boxes, tubs, and skids as part of rearranging tasks

General Labour positions generally do not require any experience so you may find it easy to get employed. But, do you know what employers look for while hiring a general laborer for warehouse work? No? Fortunately, we have another blog for that: What to look for in general labor workers?

Working at a warehouse might be the best choice for you currently. We recommend considering these five positions as these are quite popular and in-demand right now. To learn more, or apply at Prime Staffing visit our job seekers page.