Winter and Snow

As we are now into the winter months in Edmonton, and a few feet deep in snow, the city’s residents and commercial buildings will likely need a snow removal job done (or several). At some point or another, in this season, to be jolly, it’s not a great prospect to have snow covering a driveway or commercial space for long spans of time. If people let it be, it can cause serious damage to the ground or road beneath it and a safety concern for people and customers on the property.

A lot of people don’t relish the idea of getting their hands dirty and shoveling snow out themselves. In a residential space or a commercial lot, the techniques used are more or less the same, though the cost may go up for commercial areas. Depending on the work you do, whether it’s a simple snow removal job or landscape maintenance, you will get paid accordingly. There’s no specific training or education required, and you need to have your own equipment. Primarily, knowledge on how to operate a snow plow, a sweeper, and a blower is a must.

Pointers for Getting Hired

Edmonton is a city known for its harsh winters. That’s a fortunate state of affairs if you want to get into the snow removal business. In regards to snow removal, Edmonton is one of the cities in Canada with the highest demand for professionals in the snow removal business.

Here are some tips to get hired as a snow removal expert:

  1. If you own minimum equipment, stick to word-of-mouth publicity and work in residential areas. If you do your work and maintain a good reputation, you can slowly expand your business and get hired more. When you expand, you can expand your workforce.
  2. Get proper licensing. Although you may not need higher education, you may need some kind of technical licensing to be a snow removal worker. This may be of use if you want to be your own boss.
  3. Make sure your equipment is up to the mark and meets all the standards for snow removal work. You can’t have machinery breaking down in the middle of your job. You will need manual equipment as well as a snow plowing truck. Test your equipment beforehand, so you are safe rather than sorry.
  4. Arrange for a backup. In case you are working alone in your own business or don’t have staff, you need to always have reserves. If you cannot commit to a customer for any unforeseen reason, you don’t want to face an irate client with cabin fever! You have to be able to deliver on a service such as snow removal because, in many contexts, clients will want snow removed as soon as possible. 
  5. Advertise for free on social networks like Facebook and Craiglist. It’s a great idea to invest in this, in terms of time and effort. You may also start off getting hired as a snow removal worker in a good contracting company and gaining experience from there.


The amount of snow that falls in Edmonton has all but compelled residents and business owners to employ the use of snow removal jobs. When you do get just one customer, your first probably, you can offer them a perk, so they help spread the word about you and your work. It takes just one mouth to advertise your worth. Make that first job your best and continue along that path.

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