When it comes to looking for good people to do work, or finding temporary to permanent employment, Prime Staffing sets itself apart from other staffing agencies in Edmonton. Here are some of the key points to show you the Prime difference. 



The core of our business lies in the quality of our people coming in through our doors. With our new launch of  PrimePro, we are thrilled to showcase some of our most talented workers who we have had the pleasure of walking through our doors. These individuals have gone through screening protocols and have validated and qualified skills in their respective fields. They come in with the right attitude and reputation so they can hit the ground running when they arrive at the work site. 


We Know Our People 

Through our application process, all our workers including our PrimePros, are interviewed and developed by our talented HR staff so we gain an understanding of matching the right fit for the right work. This also extends to our wonderful relationship with our clients. Our account managers ensure that we can always be a reliable contact for all staffing needs. Our business is built on the foundation of our relationships and extended networks so that we can support everyone we come into contact. 


Our Efficient Systems and Operations 

Our speedy team can dispatch workers on site within 24 hours. By being prepared and always available, we are able to accommodate last minute requests – whether it be a crew to shovel snow after a sudden snowfall (which is typical in Edmonton), or getting a team ready to support a construction project to ensure there are enough bodies for the job. Prime Staffing also uses our own custom proprietary system for managing our workforce. Applicants can easily apply for jobs that are currently in need, and clients can easily search through our worker base to find the perfect person for their job. By making it easy for users, our team can minimize any disruption to our workflow. 


We Provide Transportation & PPE 

We have our own fleet of vans at Prime Staffing to get our people to their work sites. We understand that it can be difficult for some of our workers to get around our large city, so we make it easy by having our reliable drivers get them to where they need to be. We have also ensured that we are adhering to current safety and sanitation protocols to ensure that our risks are kept low. 

We also provide our workers with necessary tools and PPE required for their respective jobs. Again, we follow all current safety protocols and make sure equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after use. By providing the PPE for our workers, they arrive on site ready for work whether they have their own tools or not. 


Ultimately, being different isn’t exactly Prime Staffing’s focus. Our focus is being the best. That means either being the best in serving the industries we work with or developing a reliable workforce. But if that is what makes us different from other staffing agencies, especially within Alberta, we’ll take that.