Getting lucrative construction and demolition jobs is easy if you follow the right strategy. There are three main steps that you need to follow to get more projects: 

  1. Getting potential clients to invite your bid
  2. Fast and efficient estimation of their projects
  3. Conversion of these clients to lifelong clients


Methods to get more leads and projects

Here are some of the best ways that will help you in landing more construction and demolition jobs:

  1. Sign up for Lead Generation Services

If you are in the field of construction and demolition, commercial lead generation services act as one of the best ways to start. They will help you in getting directly connected with more clients looking to hire contractors and know about the projects currently out for bidding. These leads are generated for both commercial and residential construction workers.

  1. Sign up for Local and Federal Government Jobs

Remember, the government is always building and demolishing. You can always sign up to be a construction and demolition expert for your county or city or bid on projects open to the public.

  1. Contact Developers

Get connected with building developers. They are the eventual risk-takers and financial planners of any long term project. If you are a quality construction and demolition contractor, you can contact them to build their projects. They are often on the lookout for quality people and often like to hire demolition workers for the job themselves.

  1. Contact the Architects and General Contractors

An architect is one of the best contacts that experienced demolition experts have. After all, these architects act as ‘gatekeepers’ of any construction or demolition project. Once they finish finalizing the plans with their clients, the owner often asks for references from the architects themselves. If you build a great relationship with an architect, you can get many opportunities. In addition, if you are a subcontractor, your local general contractor is also a great source of growing your bottom line.

  1. Ask for referrals

After every project you do and even during the job, you can ask for referrals from your clients. This will help you in getting to know prospective clients who are looking for demolition companies hiring. However, select the right time to ask. Try to choose a time when they are most happy with your work or near project completion and ask for referrals then. Remember, asking for referrals during an ongoing construction or demolition task can prove to be challenging. You can even offer referral fees for recommending you once you get the job.

These tips can help you grow your business and get hired for more construction and demolition jobs. You should know what jobs you are qualified for, who is offering them, and the application process. After all, if you are good at what you do, it is just a matter of knowledge and growing your network of referrals and well-wishers.