There are many employment agencies in Edmonton with experienced staff specialized in various nuances of recruitment. A particular segment is recruiting for employment that spans a fixed period. The time or period of the work contract is fixed by the employer depending on the nature of the job to be executed as a temporary hire. There are various terms to refer to a temporary employee:

  1. Seasonal
  2. Casual staff
  3. Freelance
  4. Contractual
  5. Interim
  6. Outsourced

Certain temporary positions in white-collar vocations exist as well. They are highly skilled professionals who can refer to themselves as consultants or fill temporary c-suite positions and can be known in the industry as fractional executives or interim executives.

When does a Temp Agency for Job Seekers step in?

Employers sometimes find it very difficult to get the right talent for a temporary vacancy that requires to be immediately filled. The procedure to find the right candidates typically involves:

  1. Creating a job profile.
  2. Announcing the vacancy through suitable media.
  3. Reviewing resumes and CVs
  4. Shortlisting candidates through a telephone interview.
  5. Scheduling an in-person or first-round interview.
  6. Conducting second or third-round interviews as the nature of the job necessitates.

This is time-consuming and involves the efforts of other employees which may stall productivity, especially when a need is immediate, but short-term in nature.

What Is the Prime Advantage of Temporary Staffing agencies?

They have a huge database of prospective candidates that suit the vacant position. Edmonton’s best recruitment agencies have an expansive database of job seekers categorized systematically into various segments based on distinct criteria. This is an added advantage for the employer as you will immediately know if the temp agency has candidates suited to your desired profile.

Candidates whose Contracts are Coming to a Close

Agencies have headhunted for other employers too. This enables employment agencies in Edmonton to keep a tab on the employment periods of many candidates. The agencies will know when the tenure of a particular candidate with an employer will end. If the time when the suitable candidate is free for fresh employment suits your timeframe, such experienced individuals can be tried for the job.

Very Quick Hiring Process

The procedures for successfully recruiting talented employees were discussed in the beginning. Think of how much time is saved in avoiding those steps. Edmonton’s best recruitment agencies are set up to provide skilled employees with a ready database of job seekers acquired over time using their staffing methods by experienced recruiters. This means that the employer can directly jump into interviews. The temp agency only sends those candidates suited to your job profiles which again saves time in eliminating candidates who are irrelevant to the particular job.

To Summarize

The perks of using the services of temp staffing agencies to fill up your requirements are summarized below for quick reference:

  1.     Large database containing quality talent.
  2.     They provide professional advice to select the best people.
  3.     Saves time and money.
  4.     Very fast hiring process.
  5.     Greater chances of finding the right personnel.
  6.     Flexibility on commitments.