Trying to find a job in Edmonton, but your search isn’t turning out to be worthwhile? If your Google searches are filled with queries such as ‘job search Edmonton,’ ‘looking for a job in Edmonton,’ or ‘job search Edmonton Alberta’ over the past few months, it is likely that you haven’t landed on opportunities that suit your skills and needs the best. Instead of looking at such job portals or careers portal in Edmonton, you must learn how to find jobs that haven’t been advertised to a larger audience. Here are ways for you to find unadvertised job opportunities in Edmonton.

Ask around in your networks

More often than not, companies choose not to advertise their job openings because they aren’t interested in going through a host of unnecessary applications. These companies are looking for someone very specific, which is why they choose to stay away from job portals or careers portals in Edmonton. Instead, they choose to let their employees know about such openings and ask them to be on the lookout for a good candidate who can be accessed via a referral.

Instead of solely ‘job search Edmonton’ and ‘looking for jobs in Edmonton’ Google searches, get in touch with your network of friends, family, colleagues and other professionals. Let them know what kind of a job role you are looking for and ask them if they could refer you to their company’s recruiter.

Turn to social media platforms

Thousands of companies are forgoing  job portals and posting about their job openings on social media instead. From coffee companies looking for a barista to an ad agency looking for a video editor, numerous job posts are put out on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Make it a point to follow the social media handles of all companies that you are interested in working for and approach them as soon as they post about a prospective job opening in their company.

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Get in touch with your mentor

If you are one of those professionals who has had a mentor in your college or professional life, they might be able to help you out once again with your job search. Such mentors and learned professionals have numerous contacts in the industry with whom they have worked closely in the past. If you let your mentor know what exactly you are looking for, they wouldn’t just let you know about an opportunity but also make an introduction for you in the company.

Plus, since your mentor knows you well, they will know which job might be the best fit for your skills and needs, thus helping you find a company that will offer you high job satisfaction. Your chances of getting hired this way are also high since a recommendation from your mentor would add a lot of weight to your application.

Attend networking events

Other than your online network, you can also get in touch with other professionals in the industry at networking events to learn about new job opportunities. These networking events are regularly hosted in your area, and a quick Google search can help you find the next networking event being hosted. Mingle with other professionals at such events, and you can come across fantastic job opportunities that haven’t been advertised online by the company yet.