The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world in more ways than we can imagine and even more so when it comes to job search and job skills to list on your resume. We have now seen business models changed overnight, and we are looking at a new era of digital workspaces and flexible work-from-home policies. Hiring talent has even changed which is why it is important to talk about which employability skills or work skills have become outdated and which job skills are now valuable to put on your resume. Here are five job skills to succeed in a post-pandemic world.


1- Tech-savvy

Now more than ever, almost all professionals are using a lot of technology to get their work done. Even roles that barely used any technology before are using apps and tools to successfully finish work projects. Plus, these technologies also help you stay connected with the rest of your team in a digital space. When wondering what skills to put on a resume in our new world, it is crucial that you highlight how good you are when working with such apps and tools.


2- Creativity and Critical Thinking 

Trying to identify what job skills after COVID-19 you should have can be quite tricky. However, you do not always have to learn something new to put on your resume. Currently, creativity and critical thinking have become crucial employability skills that you must have on your resume. In times when the economic market is down, companies are looking for professionals who have creative work skills in coming up with innovative solutions to boost sales. Plus, they are also looking for people with good critical thinking so that they can help the company in tough times.


3- Communication

When working from a physical office, communication isn’t very tough to maintain. However, now that thousands of companies have shifted to a WFH structure, maintaining clear and constant communication with everyone in the team is one of the best employability skills or work skills to have. The next time you update your resume, make it a point to highlight your good communication skills.


4- Emotional Intelligence 

If you have emotional intelligence as one of your work skills, it means that you are empathetic towards the circumstances and feelings of others. The post-Coronavirus world is a place where people have gone through a lot in a short span of time, and to be empathetic towards each other shows an important part of your personality and attitude towards work. We could also say that communication and emotional intelligence go hand in hand since you will only be able to communicate effectively when you have good emotional intelligence towards the recipients of your message.


5- Data Literacy 

Being an expert at using software or understanding project guidelines quickly are good job skills to have; however, as the world around us is changing, so are its needs. One of the best employability skills or work skills to have in a post-Coronavirus world is data literacy. Companies are increasingly looking for new and innovative solutions that would add value to the lives of their customers. Professionals can come up with such solutions only when they are skilled enough to collect relevant data and process it to obtain useful insights from them.