People often don’t give importance to hardscapes for their backyards, lawns, and outdoor decor. However, they can have a significant impact on the property. They contribute to your home’s appeal and can improve the property’s appearance. Here are the different ways in which a hardscaper can improve your landscaping:</p>

1- Patios

Patios are a great place for entertaining people, reading a good book, and having memorable family time. It not only increases the outdoor living space but also increases your home’s value. Some homeowners prefer to install their patios at the back of the house to get some privacy, while others install them in the front to make it a convenient gathering spot for neighborhood socials. There are a lot of options you can use for building a patio like concrete, gravel, baked clay brick, dense stone, limestones, and sandstones. Whatever decision you make will depend on the climate, budget, and personal choices.

2- Decks

With decks, you get the same opportunities to enjoy the outdoor space as you get with patios, but from a higher level. They offer a better vantage point so that you can appreciate your landscape well. When you are adding a deck, it is important to consider the style of the house so that it either complements the house or blends with it. If you want to maximize the space opportunities, you can install a tall deck that gives space underneath for a hot tub, patio, or play area. There are a lot of material options available for the deck as well, including cedar decking, pressure-treated decking, composite decking, vinyl decking, etc.

3- Fire features

Fire features are among the most popular outdoor living trends. They provide a warm place, literally and figuratively, for your friends and families. It can set a relaxing, romantic, or energized mood. Whether you want a strong statement piece or want to entertain your friends, fireplaces are an ideal option. They are less expensive fire feature options that are used for casual entertaining. If you have a hot tub or a swimming pool, you can place a fire feature near it for additional light. There are several material options that you can consider for fire features, including brick, concrete, river rock, fieldstone, flagstone, limestone, and stacked stone.

4- Water features

Water features are known to offer peaceful tranquility and instant calming effects. Having fountains, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, or water walls can be a statement piece for any landscape. Depending on whether you have a vast backyard or a small garden, you can go for different-sized water features. If you like the sound of running water, you can add a small tabletop fountain in your backyard. Small pails can be used for housing aquatic plants that give an unconventional look to your house. If you are looking to make a bold statement, you can add a koi pond or a water wall to your outdoor kitchen.

Whether you are adding a retaining wall, fence, or a stoneway to your landscape, you need a good hardscaper who can help bring your vision to life. Find the best hardscapers in Edmonton through Prime Staffing. We can connect you with the right landscaper who can offer ideas to enhance your vision.