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International Women’s Day: Celebrating Equality

Women around the world are making their mark in the workforce, in their careers, and all aspects of life in areas they were previously deemed unfit for. And even though her existence must be celebrated every day, we have International Women’s Day dedicated to all women to mark their contributions. Countries all over the world celebrate this day for observing the success of women and the part they play in economic, political, cultural, and social development. It is also the day acknowledged for making people aware of gender equality and women’s rights. 


Each year, there is a new theme to International Women’s Day. The theme in 2021 is #ChooseToChallenge. As a recruitment and staffing agency, and being a part of an industry that plays a role in workforce planning, we urge everyone to stand up and challenge gender bias and inequality in their workplace. We urge everyone to recognize the achievements and talents of women in an inclusive world.

Women, and men, from all over the world are sending in their #ChooseToChallenge images as instructed in the IWD website, posing with one hand up as a gesture of solidarity.


Team Building and Gender Equality


International Women’s Day has been created to reflect on the progress made, to celebrate the acts of determination and courage shown by ordinary women, and to call for change. At Prime, all recruiting practices are vetted for equality and equal opportunity placement. We work with inclusive clients who share the same vision.

It is important to note that International Women’s Day is not associated with a certain group, organization, or country. No one charity, government, NGO, media hub, women’s network, corporation, or academic institution is responsible for this day. It belongs to all the people all over the world, and we encourage you to play a part with us. It is high time that women got the same standing as men, not just at work, but in every aspect of life. Let’s hope that this International Women’s Day, everyone Chooses To Challenge.


How A Recruitment Consultant Can Be A Huge Advantage In Your Job Search

Wondering whether you should try out recruitment services in Edmonton or ‘employment agencies near me’ for your job search? Job recruitment services or recruiting agencies have expert recruitment consultants who can help you find a better job quicker. These Canadian recruitment agencies don’t just provide you with opportunities but also help you prepare well for them. Here are the best benefits of working with a recruitment consultant from Canadian recruitment agencies when it comes to your job search.

Access to a large network of opportunities

Canadian recruitment agencies or job recruitment services work with numerous companies in one go. This allows them to have access to a large network where a wide variety of jobs are posted regularly. From full-time and part-time jobs to contractual and freelance work, these job recruitment services have recruitment consultants who are aware of many such opportunities. Thus, working with a recruitment consultant can help you get access to thousands of opportunities in no time.

Passive job search

Looking for jobs on your own can be very time-consuming. You’ll need to go through thousands of job posts to determine if they fit your resume well or not. This leads to you not being able to focus on other tasks you might have at hand. A recruitment consultant from job placement agencies or Canadian recruitment agencies can continue the job search on your behalf and shortlist the best opportunities for you.

Receive support and guidance

When you work with a recruitment consultant from job placement agencies, Canadian recruitment agencies, executive recruitment agencies or executive search firms, they don’t just look for a job for you but also help you through the process. They provide support and guidance regarding what changes you could make to your resume, how you could approach a particular interview or what new skills you must learn to be considered by your dream company. If you choose to build a long-term professional relationship with a recruitment consultant, they could nurture your career progression phenomenally.

Look for a job with confidentiality

Often, job seekers are worried about their current company finding out that they are looking for a job change. Such situations can be very stressful and complicated, and working with a recruitment consultant from job recruitment services or job agencies could help you avoid this. These recruitment consultants ensure that only approved companies will get to know that you are open to working. Plus, by working privately with a recruitment consultant regarding your job search, you avoid posting your resume online, ensuring that your current company stays out of the loop completely.

Find the right fit

As a job candidate, you will never be able to guarantee that the job is the right fit for you since you do not have previous insider information about the company. Recruitment consultants from job placement agencies or Canadian recruitment agencies have tremendous insider knowledge regarding not just the company but also the industry, because of which they can give you expert advice on whether a company is a right fit for you or not. From letting you know about the job role, to giving you information about the company culture and history, they can help you pick the company that suits you the best.

Building a High Performing Crew – Hiring, Leading, and Communicating

Way back in the day, the term Crew referred to a crew on a ship who would sail or operate the ship together towards a common destination.

Today it is used more to describe any group of people working together toward a common goal or task usually under the direction of a leader.

As many of us work remotely on specific tasks it is harder to imagine us all working as close together as those who were facing life together on unpredictable waters sailing across the ocean together.

The objective of the captain or leader is to bring together these dissimilar people who have different specialties, experiences, and talents into a cohesive unit.

To be successful, they must “row” in one direction towards a common goal.

Of course, there is always unpredictable upsets that cause you to lose your course direction, but there are also instances when individuals in the crew are not doing their part.

If one individual is rowing too fast or slow then the ship starts to go off course and others need to adjust the sails or their rowing to accommodate.

There are many reasons why we can go off course and here are just a few:

  1. Not team players – crew members are trying to advance their own ideas or impress the leader instead of working in unison as part of the team.
  2. In the wrong seat – crew member’s talents are either not being utilized or they do not possess the talents required for their given position.
  3. Rowing in opposite directions – This is usually a communication problem where there is not ongoing communication, or the individual does not agree with the direction that has been set.
  4. Sick, tired, or lacking motivation – Whether their home life is too disorganized or unsupportive to give them proper rest, they suffer from addictions, or they simply lack motivation and direction to keep up the pace and persistence required.

The above list is not exhaustive as people are complicated creatures.

To start to remedy the above and start building a team that can row together toward a common goal we would suggest three things to start.

1 – Communication

The right word at the right time to the right person goes a long way. Communicating the goals, strategy, and giving people the ability to provide constructive feedback can solve a lot of the issues listed above. It would solve #3 completely and it could go a long way to provide the clarity needed for the lack of motivation in #4.

2 – Hiring

Hiring the right people and placing them in the right seats is probably the biggest challenge and opportunity faced by any organization.

If you hire the right people, they can be properly motivated, communicated with, and they will ask the right questions to advance your organization.

Hiring the right people means finding team players (#1), the right people for the seats (#2), and finding people that are already healthy, happy, and motivated (#3).  

Hiring can take a few different forms for different positions. For short term projects hiring a contractor or a temporary staffing agency can help scale up projects. For ongoing tasks or projects, it makes sense to spend the necessary time to source, hire, train, and develop people to fulfill them.

To help you understand your options for hiring high performing crew members, checkout our E-book, on when and how to outsource, or give us a call to discuss your options.

How and When to Outsource
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3 – Leadership

Listing leadership last is one of these last shall be first situations.

If you have the right leaders, they will determine the best people to hire and properly communicate the vision of the organization to the crew to ensure everyone is rowing in the right direction.

Leaders can also help those team members that are suffering from (#4) and struggling and provide them with individual coaching and encouragement for them to find their motivation to pull themselves out of their tough situation.

If the leadership team is unable to motivate and create high performers from their team, then it may be time to revisit hiring or putting that person in another seat.  

The solutions of leadership, communication, and hiring are no small undertaking. Each of these could fill libraries and thousands of hours of learning.

To help us dive into what makes an amazing team we will be asking project managers, owners and site superintendents in their respective fields what they have found to be important when building their crews and sharing the results with you.

If you would like to receive these results as soon as they are available, sign up to our newsletter below.

Now its your turn!

Share with us what you have found to help when developing and managing your crews by mentioning it in the comments below or sending us a message. 

Job Skills to Succeed in a Post-Pandemic World

5 Job Skills to Succeed in a Post-Pandemic World

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world in more ways than we can imagine and even more so when it comes to job search and job skills to list on your resume. We have now seen business models changed overnight, and we are looking at a new era of digital workspaces and flexible work-from-home policies. Hiring talent has even changed which is why it is important to talk about which employability skills or work skills have become outdated and which job skills are now valuable to put on your resume. Here are five job skills to succeed in a post-pandemic world.

1- Tech-savvy

Now more than ever, almost all professionals are using a lot of technology to get their work done. Even roles that barely used any technology before are using apps and tools to successfully finish work projects. Plus, these technologies also help you stay connected with the rest of your team in a digital space. When wondering what skills to put on a resume in our new world, it is crucial that you highlight how good you are when working with such apps and tools.

2 – Creativity and Critical Thinking 

Trying to identify what job skills after COVID-19 you should have can be quite tricky. However, you do not always have to learn something new to put on your resume. Currently, creativity and critical thinking have become crucial employability skills that you must have on your resume. In times when the economic market is down, companies are looking for professionals who have creative work skills in coming up with innovative solutions to boost sales. Plus, they are also looking for people with good critical thinking so that they can help the company in tough times.

3 – Communication

When working from a physical office, communication isn’t very tough to maintain. However, now that thousands of companies have shifted to a WFH structure, maintaining clear and constant communication with everyone in the team is one of the best employability skills or work skills to have. The next time you update your resume, make it a point to highlight your good communication skills.

4 – Emotional Intelligence 

If you have emotional intelligence as one of your work skills, it means that you are empathetic towards the circumstances and feelings of others. The post-Coronavirus world is a place where people have gone through a lot in a short span of time, and to be empathetic towards each other shows an important part of your personality and attitude towards work. We could also say that communication and emotional intelligence go hand in hand since you will only be able to communicate effectively when you have good emotional intelligence towards the recipients of your message.

5 – Data Literacy 

Being an expert at using software or understanding project guidelines quickly are good job skills to have; however, as the world around us is changing, so are its needs. One of the best employability skills or work skills to have in a post-Coronavirus world is data literacy. Companies are increasingly looking for new and innovative solutions that would add value to the lives of their customers. Professionals can come up with such solutions only when they are skilled enough to collect relevant data and process it to obtain useful insights from them.

Find Unadvertised Job Opportunities

How To Find Unadvertised Job Opportunities In Edmonton

Trying to find a job in Edmonton, but your search isn’t turning out to be worthwhile? If your Google searches are filled with queries such as ‘job search Edmonton,’ ‘looking for a job in Edmonton,’ or ‘job search Edmonton Alberta’ over the past few months, it is likely that you haven’t landed on opportunities that suit your skills and needs the best. Instead of looking at such job portals or careers portal in Edmonton, you must learn how to find jobs that haven’t been advertised to a larger audience. Here are ways for you to find unadvertised job opportunities in Edmonton.

Ask around in your networks

More often than not, companies choose not to advertise their job openings because they aren’t interested in going through a host of unnecessary applications. These companies are looking for someone very specific, which is why they choose to stay away from job portals or careers portals in Edmonton. Instead, they choose to let their employees know about such openings and ask them to be on the lookout for a good candidate who can be accessed via a referral.

Instead of solely ‘job search Edmonton’ and ‘looking for jobs in Edmonton’ Google searches, get in touch with your network of friends, family, colleagues and other professionals. Let them know what kind of a job role you are looking for and ask them if they could refer you to their company’s recruiter.

Turn to social media platforms

Thousands of companies are forgoing  job portals and posting about their job openings on social media instead. From coffee companies looking for a barista to an ad agency looking for a video editor, numerous job posts are put out on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Make it a point to follow the social media handles of all companies that you are interested in working for and approach them as soon as they post about a prospective job opening in their company.

We have numerous positions available on a part time or full time basis, APPLY NOW.

Get in touch with your mentor

If you are one of those professionals who has had a mentor in your college or professional life, they might be able to help you out once again with your job search. Such mentors and learned professionals have numerous contacts in the industry with whom they have worked closely in the past. If you let your mentor know what exactly you are looking for, they wouldn’t just let you know about an opportunity but also make an introduction for you in the company.

Plus, since your mentor knows you well, they will know which job might be the best fit for your skills and needs, thus helping you find a company that will offer you high job satisfaction. Your chances of getting hired this way are also high since a recommendation from your mentor would add a lot of weight to your application.

Attend networking events

Other than your online network, you can also get in touch with other professionals in the industry at networking events to learn about new job opportunities. These networking events are regularly hosted in your area, and a quick Google search can help you find the next networking event being hosted. Mingle with other professionals at such events, and you can come across fantastic job opportunities that haven’t been advertised online by the company yet.

Staffing Industry Trends and Challenges in 2021

With 2020 wrapping up one of the most unique years in history, we look ahead to 2021 and see how events of the past will shape our upcoming year. The tumultuous nature of 2020 has disrupted many industries, including staffing where the object of attention has always been the people. Here we take a brief look at some anticipated staffing trends for 2021 and see how things will affect the staffing industry.

A Digital Hiring Process

With social restrictions placed around the world, the traditional in-person interview process begins to fade away. Staffing agencies are now conducting many interviews in an online format through either video or phone. The one-on-one subtleties such as body language and other social cues can either be a blessing for some of hide warning signs for recruiters. Either way, those seeking work and HR professionals will need to adapt to changing circumstances and get a better grasp of how to succeed in the hiring process.

AI and Automation

Going along with a digital hiring process, we are now seeing a further need to automate processes in the staffing field to streamline recruiting and hiring processes. The implementation of software and customized AI for these tasks allow for better integration in the workplace. For instance, the use of AI and automation can help staffing agencies with their screening processes and better organize their pool of workers. Knowing the specific skills and experience of each person can help with dispatching and workflows to get people to their sites in timely manners. With some of this out of the way, the focus can shift towards human-centric engagements to drive revenue.

Remote Work Capabilities

Before COVID-19, many agencies operated remotely, but remote adoption was not quite widespread throughout the industry. The pandemic necessitated remote recruiting and the use of remote technology for dispatchers and staff. While many blue collar, physical work cannot be done remotely, the trends for employers in administrative and office lines of work continue to rise as they seek capable staff to fill in gaps.

A challenge does stem from this as many agencies focus much work on blue collar industries. As such, those seeking work have may find it difficult to keep with developing different skills and technological capabilities to find more suitable work. We also do not believe that remote work will go away when things settle down either. Many staffing professionals expect remote work is here to stay.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In 2020 a global spotlight shone brightly on inequality and inequity in society. As a result, many businesses have taken steps to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in their practices to address these challenges that may arise. Morally, it seems like an obvious decision, but also has further benefits as well. Generally, it is better for business and for staffing agencies, the increased diversity extends well just beyond a person’s skills and experience. Diversity extends towards a generation of new workers who can showcase a new side of their creativity and skills in a multi-generational workforce.

While we think about what the future holds for the staffing industry, we remain optimistic about how these unprecedented events can push us ahead instead of backwards. At the end of the day, we cannot fully predict the outcome, but with due diligence and understanding trends we can adapt to an ever-changing environment as a staffing agency.

About Us Prime Staffing

Prime Recruiting – How to Actually Hire for Fit

What is the Cost of Hiring the Wrong Employee? 

According to The US Department of Labor, the cost of a bad hire is estimated to be around 30% of an employee’s first year salary. Ex. $50,000 x 30% = $15,000/bad hire

At first glance you would say “preposterous!”

However, if you consider all the costs it becomes, well… kind of scary.

Not only is there severance pay and the cost of hiring a new person (thousands), but there is also the damage that that employee caused to your reputation while working (more thousands), as well as lost time for managers and time spent training a new person.

To help your company avoid the costs associated with hiring the wrong person there are a few hiring phrases circling around the internet that are essentially encouraging people to “Fire Fast.”

This seems to makes sense at first glance.

The longer the wrong person is in that role, the more it will cost you and you are not serving the employee by keeping them around.

There are a few different variations on this term that include the hiring portion as well. This is what I would summarize them as:

1.      Hire Slow, Fire Fast

2.      Hire Fast, Fire Fast

Lets consider them both starting with the first one.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast.

Top grading is an amazing book and HR practice. It is essentially the Hire Slow fire fast method on steroids when implemented properly.

It teaches you how to make better hiring decisions because the actual cost of making bad hiring decisions is enormous not to mention lost productivity and lost opportunity.

When implemented by an HR professional on a regular basis, especially when hiring highly skilled managerial roles, it can produce amazing results.

According to the book on Top Grading written by Bradford D. Smart, Ph.D. (BTW Awesome Name!) 75% of the time employers make the wrong hiring decision.

That means that only 25% of the time you are making a good hiring decision.

Can you imagine. Three out of four of the last hires that you made were … wrong!

You made these decisions because these candidates were the best candidates available right?

It does leave out the possibility that you ever make a wrong hiring decision…

Never mind. I forgot who was reading this. Your Perfect!

Okay, let us say that the candidates were the best candidates available at the time. It was only after they started working for you that you realized that they were less than ideal for the position.

In fact, three out of four times, those A players the candidates said they were, were actually B, C, or even D players.

A-players being Rockstar’s, B players just meet the standard, C players underperform, and D players are worthy of being fired for being so far from the standard that they cannot even repeat back to you what the standard is.

Of course, the book goes on to explain that if you use proper top grading hiring methods you can drastically reduce the probability that you will make these bad hiring decisions.

Some of the methods described in the book consist of techniques for weeding out poor performer from applying to positions, completing proper reference calls, interviewing the candidate for up to 4 hours with 50 specific questions and a second interviewer, and …

Did I lose you at the proper reference checks part?

When you are a smaller company without an HR professional, or if hiring for entry level positions, you will have a very hard time justifying let alone implementing Top Grading hiring methods.

Let’s look at why this is for the small company.

When I was running a furnace cleaning company and I needed to hire a new person, I tried a few different methods of hiring.

Sometimes I would hire two people and then have them both show up for training and let the lower performer go.

This is what I meant by Hire Fast, Fire Fast.

Hire Fast, Fire Fast.

The downside to this method is it is very messy.

You usually end up with one person being thrown off an emotional roller coaster because they told themselves and all their friends and family that they were hired, to only be “fired” the next day.

After doing this I realized that there had to be a better way.

So instead, I tried telling each person that I would have them work for one or two days and then let them know who I would be hiring at the end of a week.

This method was better for assessing fit; however it caused a new problem.

Instead of processing one or 2 employee agreements, safety orientations, federal and provincial tax forms, T4’s and eventually an ROE, I was now left with processing 4 or more.

For a small business that needs to spend every waking hour delivering on promises to current clients and winning new clients, this is not a good option.

This almost always ended with me delaying processing paperwork for employees because you always serve the clients needs first, right?

Luckily, my short-term employees did not put me in front of a labour standards board for taking forever to process their paperwork. I would usually cut them a cheque and then figure out the paperwork later.

If I was a larger company many wouldn’t think twice before posting their opinions about our company on Glassdoor.

The alternative, that some unnamed companies choose to do, is to pay each employee in cash for the hours worked as a subcontractor.

Even if you convince the worker to accept this, as any accountant would tell you, this is technically illegal, especially if you know that worker does not have their own GST number.

Which brings you back to processing endless amounts of paperwork.

In most cases, instead of letting three out of four poor performers go, most companies simply give up out of frustration and settle for B or C players.

The third option that we have been building to is, you guessed it…

Dispatch Fast, Hire Slow, Fire Fast.

Dispatch fast means that you have a third-party recruit for you, handle almost all of the wonders of HR, and you have a potential hire show up to your job right away until you either hire them internally, or request a different person to be dispatched for the position.

This third option isn’t an option for most people because they don’t know of a company that will help them do this.

Well now you do. It is called Prime Staffing and I just described…

Prime Recruiting 

Prime Recruiting is essentially dispatch Fast, Hire Slow, Fire Fast.

Prime dispatches the individual based on your timeline and specific requirements.

You decide whether to hire the worker only after they have worked for you and proven that they are a high performer.

If after you hire them and you realize after a month that you still made the wrong hiring decision, let them go so you and the employee can move on as quickly as possible.

If you need a worker right away and can’t wait for the right candidates to apply for your position, we can pull from our own vetted pool PrimePro employees to cover until your first potential hire arrives.

Prime Recruiting gives you many of the upsides of Hire Slow, Fire Fast (Top Grading), without the downsides Hire Fast, Fire Fast.

You can avoid downtime while you find the perfect employee and save a lot of money by not hiring poor performers or just the wrong employee.

Your company becomes more agile and can scale up projects quickly without giving employees an emotional rollercoaster or becoming overwhelmed with filing paperwork.

You can find the illusive 25%.

Find A-Players through proper interviewing and qualifying for company fit before hiring them