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We love to help businesses and customers by providing quality staff to help with their needs. We pride ourselves in connecting the right people together.

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We have updated our pricing and rates for all of our staffing solutions. Get our rate sheet by following the link below. 

For Employers

As a staffing solutions partner, Prime Staffing provides exceptional value in all our flexible staffing options to deliver the talent and skills you need. Our PrimePro workers are people with proven attitudes, work ethics, and validated skills. Learn more about how to hire these workers and how they can help you.


The Prime Advantage

Always Ready

Our large, visible pool of workers allows you to choose from a selection of skilled workers to your job site on your schedule.

Digital Solutions

Our digital tracking and management processes are streamlined to allow secure, reliable, and ease of use.


We are a COR certified safety company and a Partner in Injury Reduction to ensure that the well-being of all our workers and staff.

Post Your Own Jobs

Our innovative and custom portal allows clients full access to post their own jobs and wanted skills to attract the right people.

Qualified Workers

An extension of our service, PrimePro provides the exact type of worker you need with validated skills for specific jobs.

Real Time Tracking

Our systems help with worker certification tracking, expirations, and online access in event of OH&S site audits.

Prime Staffing

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my business require to get started?

As we provide fit for duty workers to your workplace, there are some important considerations for your business to ensure a safe and efficient environment. This includes the safe work environment to have proper signage and safety measure in place. New worker to site orientations, including job hazard assessments and safety meetings, must also be adhered to as per OHS regulations.

What if I need more workers?

Prime Staffing has the ability to scale operations for our clients as needs arise. Our management is happy to discuss this with you to make sure we provide the right flow of workers for your job.

How do workers get to my job site?

If your location has no public transportation access, we provide transportation to our workers in our fleet vehicles. Workers are dropped off and picked up according to their shift schedule. If your location has public transit access, we provide our workers with ETS bus tickets or they can use ETS to and from your job site. Or, a combination of the two systems are employed if it will be more effective. i.e. dropping employees off with our vans and returning back to the office via public transit.

Do I need to supply my own PPE to workers that I order?

If you have your own PPE to provide, great! If not, Prime Staffing also provides our workers with the necessary PPE required for the job. We enforce strict safety measures to ensure the well-being of the worker and client.

What is the policy for drugs and alcohol?

No employee shall be under the influence of, in possession of, and/or using alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than medicines given under a Doctor’s prescription) during paid working hours. The solicitation, distribution and/or purchasing of drugs is strictly prohibited on Prime Staffing and our clients’ property. We currently have a drug and alcohol policy in place and zero tolerance.

Do I need to add WCB?

No. Our rates include all payroll costs, including, CPP, EI, Taxes, Vacation Pay, statutory pay and WCB.

How do I get a quote?

Please contact [email protected] with your quote request and we will happy get back to you.