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Prime Staffing has an extensive track record of workers that have obtained full time employment by exceeding the client’s expectations and getting hired full time.Our Mission is to provide our clients with top quality personnel while providing extraordinary customer service.

A success story at Prime Staffing can take many forms. It could be a Prime Staffing staff member helping a customer find the staffing solution they needed, could be a Temporary Worker that comes to Prime Staffing looking for money to pay his or her bills and leaves with a full-time job and better opportunities ahead.

Every day our Temporary Associates help businesses succeed and our staff members provide jobs for people willing and able to perform an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. That’s what we consider our greatest success: We put people to work.


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Find out how Prime Staffing can work with your business, providing temporary employees for construction, seasonal employees, landscaping, snow removal, manufacturing and all types of general labour.