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Prime Staffing Services provides human resources business support through GCT Human Resources. From talent management, recruitment processes, performance management, and workplace reviews, we take a thorough approach towards helping business thrive from within.

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Our HR Services

The right people, for the right job—every time!

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    Talent Management/Managing Recruiting Process

    Hire the right people for your business. We also know how busy and stressful the day to day operations can get. Let us help you by assisting you with your recruitment processes.

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    Employee Relations & Workplace Investigations

    You may not have your own HR person on staff, so let us help you with providing an independent and external perspective on your workplace situations.

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    Workforce Planning & Performance Management

    Your company needs on personnel requirements may change on short notice. We can help you explore solutions such as surge staffing for efficiency and response to changing dynamics.

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    Policy Review & Consultation

    The hallmark of a successful company is having a set of standards/ policies that are consistent and understood by everyone in the company being proactive in change management.

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