Construction and Demolition Jobs

Hire Experienced Personnel for All Your Construction Needs

Prime Staffing provides an experienced and scalable workforce that is ready to go.

Commercial Construction & Demolition Workers

From framers and concrete finishers, to selective demolition experts, your construction project can be fully staffed with skilled and professional tradesmen. Whether you have smaller commercial projects or full scale commercial construction jobs, get a workforce that is available when you need it. We are able to scale along the way to suit your project needs and timelines. From start to finish, we will also assist in the cleanup of your job site.

One of our staffing consultants will discuss your specific requirements and get you started with the workers you need.

      • Carpenters
      • Landscapers
      • Electricians
      • Welders
      • Masons
      • Plumbers
      • Concrete Finishers
      • Drywall Hangers
      • Framers
      • Floor installers
      • General construction
      • Roofer
      • Window Installers
      • Painters
      • HVAC Installation


Residential Construction & Demolition Workers

From roofs to floors for everything from electrical, plumbing and foundations to residential finishes for building additions or renovations and remodels, we have the workforce you need for residential construction projects. Our demolition team is also capable of helping you with your remodeling and removal of walls. Our workers are job-ready, skilled, experienced and ready where and when you need them.

Using temporary staffing solutions you can manage deadlines for smaller residential construction jobs, to larger multi-family complexes as you need.

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