Snow Removal Jobs Edmonton

Looking for a job in ice and snow removal? If you know the secrets of removing snow efficiently, we want you to be a part of our family.
We are in constant need of snow removal workers, right from all-rounder labourers to managerial leaders and supervisors who can manage and lead the team to ensure that the project is completed in the right way. If you think you will be able to work on odd hours of the day and night to remove heaps of snow even in the riskiest conditions, then we are calling you. We are looking for hardworking employees who can clear commercial lots most efficiently.
If you are dynamic, you can apply and let’s take it forward from there.

To perform snow removal on roads, parking lots, around buildings and all other areas as required for commercial and other properties to operate safely and productively. To maintain and keep equipment clean and ready for operation.
● Operate heavy equipment loader, road grader, snow blower, sand salt plow truck, snowcat, snowmobiles and other machinery in accordance with the latest safety standards.
● Perform routine equipment maintenance/repair tasks such as changing vehicle fluids, fueling, greasing, painting, etc.
● Comply with all safety precautions, operational procedures, directions, rules, policies, and regulations.
● Maintain and keep equipment clean and ready for operation.
● Keep detailed work logs.
● Keep a clean and organized work area.
● Other duties as assigned.
● Be ready on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with routine daily responsibilities.
● Minimum of 2 years of commercial snow removal or related experience.
● Minimum successfully attained a high school diploma.
● Minimum 5 years of insured driving experience with a G-level license.
● Must be able to work outside in all weather conditions, including extreme cold, snow, wind and rain, on varied snow surfaces.
● Must be able to perform all kinds of physical activities.
● Clean Driver’s Abstract.
● Excellent winter driving abilities with any type of automatic transmission vehicle, often in tight or narrow quarters.
● A valid driver’s license.
● Good verbal and written interpersonal communication skills.
● Anticipate and avoid hazards.
● Knowledge of simple consumer technology (Android, Tablet, GPS Unit, Smartphone).

Depending on which position you apply for, your job role and expectations will change. The best way to figure out what’s better for you and Prime Staffing, talk to us directly.
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