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At Prime Staffing we thrive on matching our employees with each particular job. We have numerous positions available on a part time or full time basis, as well as a variety of shifts including day, evening, night and weekends.

We strive to accommodate all skill sets and availability. The added benefits of working for Prime Staffing includes getting cash paid daily and access to required PPE for jobs. We also provide transportation to sites where bus service is not available. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. True diversity means we understand and appreciate that each person can contribute something different to our company, whether it is a learned talent or the empathy that comes with life experience.

To better serve you, please apply on our forms in our new job board below. For General Applications, please apply accordingly as well. Visit our office and speak to our friendly Dispatch Staff if you have any other questions.

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How much do I get paid?

All employees are paid by the hour. The rate of pay will be determined by the skills you have, the tickets and certifications required for a specific job and/or the work experience an individual may have achieved in the specific job related field needing to be filled. A balance of these along with the requirements of the assignment will determine your rate of pay for each job. Prime Staffing dispatchers will notify you of your rate of pay and clearly outline your job duties before you accept any position.

How do I get to the work site?

If you do not have your own transportation, bus tickets will be provided for you and deducted from your pay at market value. Rides, if required, will also be provided at a cost. Please ask dispatch for costs and eligibility. We encourage all employees to take the bus whenever possible.

Do I need to provide my own protective equipment, if required?

Yes, feel free to bring your own PPE if necessary. Prime Staffing will also provide our own to you to ensure all workers have the proper mandatory PPE required for their specific position and job duties assigned for the day. All equipment provided and required for your specific assignment must be worn before entering the designated job site. PPE is essential for a worker’s safety and well being; failure to wear the required PPE for your job may result in the immediate termination of your employment.

What is the tolerance for drugs or alcohol?

No employee shall be under the influence of, in possession of, and/or using alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than medicines given under a Doctor’s prescription) during paid working hours. The solicitation, distribution and/or purchasing of drugs is strictly prohibited on Prime Staffing and our clients’ property. We currently have a drug and alcohol policy in place and zero tolerance.

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