Disinfecting Services for COVID-19

During this unprecedented time we are here to support our customers to reduce the risk of the COVID-19 virus and to assist in stopping the spread. Moreover, we are maintaining our standard rates to help everyone in need.
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Prime Staffing is proud to partner with your business to ensure your workplaces are clean and safe during this time of uncertainty. We understand the importance of protecting the well-bring of your employees and customers. Our services range from thorough disinfection services, deep cleans, and complete sanitization. Whether you are a medical facility, school, or businesses facing the outbreak emergency, we are here to for you.

Our Disinfectant Products

Prime Staffing has partnered with Anabec Solutions to provide you with the latest in chemical technologies to help combat the spread of Coronavirus. Thier patented Anasphere technology in their disinfectant aids in the elimination of bacteria and mould on an on-going basis. We are proud to partner with a pioneer in the industry as Anabec provides us with their product under these extreme circumstances and conditions.

Anabec’s Anasphere product has a four stage effect on micro-organisms using changes in surface tension as the basis of their attack.

  1. Anasphere component biocides attack micro-organisms on a surface as soon as the product is applied. 
  2. Anasphere then conditions the surfaces such as walls or tables, before additional micro-organisms land, making it more difficult for the micro-organisms to settle on the surface, attach, and reproduce. 
  3. When micro-organisms secrete material in an attempt to form a Biofilm, the compounds are all disrupted by the pervading surface tension regime, making it much more difficult for the organisms to form a firm attachment to the surface. 
  4. The micro-organisms, in their weakened state, succumb to Anasphere’s residual biocidal action provided by its component biocides.  These are not aggressive chemical compounds, but when acting on a micro-organism they cause the organisms’ membrane to burst before it has a chance to reproduce.

Our disinfecting services are ideal for hospitals, schools, daycares, clinics, manufacturing facilities, offices, retail, and other high-traffic businesses. We can provide either a one-time disinfecting service while your employees work remotely, or on a recurring schedule as employees and customers are visiting your business.

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We strive to accommodate all skill sets and availability. The added benefits of working for Prime Staffing includes getting cash paid daily and access to required PPE for jobs. We also provide transportation to sites where bus service is not available.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. True diversity means we understand and appreciate that each person can contribute something different to our company, whether it is a learned talent or the empathy that comes with life experience.

To better serve you, please apply on our forms in our new job board below. For general applications, please apply accordingly as well. Visit our office and speak to our friendly dispatch staff if you have any other questions.

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Our Services

We provide professional commercial cleaning services to ensure that your spaces are spotless.

Construction Cleanup

We have crafted each demo with extensive care and the theme is power packed yet easy to use.

Fire, Flood & Sewer Cleanup

Oshine comes with 50+ shortcode modules which are easily customizable via Tatsu and see instant results as you edit

Disinfection & Deodorization

With Oshine, it just keeps coming. These are what that make Oshine one of the best selling themes of all time. 

Demolition Cleaning

With Oshine, it just keeps coming. These are what that make Oshine one of the best selling themes of all time. 

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Prime Staffing provides all your staffing needs for an array of industries and work. We serve Edmonton and surrounding areas, including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Acheson, Nisku, Devon, and Strathcona County. We are a proud COR Safety company and a Partner in Injury Reduction.


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