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For all your general labour needs, we always have workers ready to roll up their sleeves to help you with moving, cleaning, and other able-bodied work.
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Work Details & Skills Provided

Prime Staffing offers a variety of workers with a range of abilities from general tasks to specific skills and qualifications. Work is performed with basic tools such as brooms, shovels and other tools that require minimal or no training. Work will generally be performed outdoors, but may include some work indoors or inside of vehicles. Our PrimePro workers offer a higher level of service based on validated skills.

PrimeStaffing Skills
  • WHMIS certified

  • Ability to lift and move over 50lbs

  • Cleaning, sweeping, mopping, dusting

  • Follow basic direction and perform basic tasks

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PrimePro Skills
  • All standard general labour skills

  • Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) ticket

  • Fall Arrest Certification

  • Valid Class 5 driver’s licence

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Work Details

General labour involves a wide variety of tasks such as cleaning, sweeping, lifting and moving. General labor is performed with basic tools such as brooms, shovels and other tools that do not require training. Work will generally be performed outdoors but may include some work indoors or inside of vehicles.

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The Prime Difference

Edmonton and surrounding area

We strive to accommodate all skill sets and availability. The added benefits of working for Prime Staffing includes getting cash paid daily and access to required PPE for jobs. We also provide transportation to sites where bus service is not available.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. True diversity means we understand and appreciate that each person can contribute something different to our company, whether it is a learned talent or the empathy that comes with life experience.

To better serve you, please apply on our forms in our new job board below. For general applications, please apply accordingly as well. Visit our office and speak to our friendly dispatch staff if you have any other questions.

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Our Services

We provide professional commercial cleaning services to ensure that your spaces are spotless.

Construction Cleanup

We have crafted each demo with extensive care and the theme is power packed yet easy to use.

Fire, Flood & Sewer Cleanup

Oshine comes with 50+ shortcode modules which are easily customizable via Tatsu and see instant results as you edit

Disinfection & Deodorization

With Oshine, it just keeps coming. These are what that make Oshine one of the best selling themes of all time. 

Demolition Cleaning

With Oshine, it just keeps coming. These are what that make Oshine one of the best selling themes of all time. 

Construction Cleaning

PrimeClean’s construction cleaning service is the perfect fit for the majority of construction sites. While temporary labour is an excellent choice for addressing construction site cleanliness, PrimeClean offers an additional option for those who do not want to direct and “stay on top of” and take responsibility for temporary staff. 

PrimeClean’s construction cleaning crews can be used for a one-off job or scheduled for regular cleaning daily or weekly. In as little as 1 hour, ensure your sites are tidy & safe for all your workers. The crew will come in, clean up, and get out quickly and efficiently. They pride themselves on working hard and leaving a site to YOUR satisfaction. Moreover, as a COR certified company, our construction cleaning crews follow our COR HSE protocols (and yours) and complete FLHA prior to beginning any construction site cleaning job. 

Every trades person should keep their areas tidy and safe, but let our staff assist so you can achieve an optimal balance of keeping your more costly, skilled workers on task.

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Fire, Flood, and Sewer Cleanup

PrimeClean’s cleaning staff are experienced in handling fire, flood, and sewer damage. We understand these situations are stressful and there is an immediate desire to remediate and rebuild your space so that you can get back to your normal work or home life quickly.

PrimeClean specializes in assisting property owners, but in particular restoration companies, during the clean up phase. Restoration is demanding and time sensitive. Rather than looking after every detail yourself, PrimeClean can be trusted to work independently and get the clean up job done properly at a fixed price.

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Disinfection & Odour Remediation

During this unprecedented time we are here to support our customer to help eliminate the COVID-19 virus and to assist in stopping the spread. Moreover we are maintaining our standard rates to help everyone in need.

PrimeClean provides cleaning services for facilities that serve people who may be sensitive or at risk to odours, viruses, bacteria and more. Our common customers include care facilities, daycares, churches, clinics, and more.

PrimeClean is proud to partner with innovative leading manufactures that offer products that not only eliminate bacteria and viruses, but also prevent future contamination from occurring. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting and innovative offering!

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Demolition Cleaning

Demolition sites can be particularly dangerous. Live wires, plumbing, nails, loose debris and more. Our demolition cleaning crews work in these environments all the time. If you are a demolition company, take advantage of a crew that can work independently, or while you are away from site to clear the mess you’ve made and at a fixed rate.

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Prime Staffing provides all your staffing needs for an array of industries and work. We serve Edmonton and surrounding areas, including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Acheson, Nisku, Devon, and Strathcona County. We are a proud COR Safety company and a Partner in Injury Reduction.


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