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Why PrimePro?
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Why PrimePro?

All PrimePro workers are validated to have the skills claimed and also meet our personality requirements to ensure the person is hardworking and has a good attitude.

Proven Skill Sets

Our recruiting processes ensures that PrimePro workers have the proper credentials, skills, and experience that match up to the work you need.

Great Attitude

We understand it takes time to get to know someone. Our PrimePro workers are people who have built a trusted reputation with us and are happy help.

Exceptional Work Ethic

Positive word of mouth is something all our PrimePro workers have in common. They are not afraid to dish out a good amount of elbow grease to get the job done.

Select an industry category below to find the skills you need now.

General Labour

For all basic work involving cleaning, lifting, moving, etc. there is nothing we are not ready for.


Our workers help with preparation of materials for shipping and unpacking to ease your logistics.

Clerical & Office

We help with routine administrative tasks and service offices requiring immediate and long-term assistance.


We provide workers to assist in factories including assembly line and machinery related jobs.


During warmer months, we help with lawn care, clearing, maintenance, and gardening.

Snow Removal

Our workers are ready with their shovels whenever Old Man Winter comes to visit.

Construction & Demolition

We cover both commercial and residential projects, including basic clean-up and handywork.

Restoration & Remediation

We have certified asbestos and mould workers to help bring your project back to operational capacity.


Enhance your skills, earn certificates, and gain hands-on experience

We like to help our PrimePro workers and those looking to take their work to the next level. Learn by working along with our veterans in many industries to develop the skills you are interested in. Along with our training programs and certification opportunities, we can refine your talents and boost your earning potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more workers?

Prime Staffing has the ability to scale operations for our clients as needs arise. Our management is happy to discuss this with you to make sure we provide the right flow of workers for your job.

How do workers get to my job site?

Prime Staffing provides transportation to job sites with our own fleet of vehicles. In alternate cases, we also provide options for our workers including bus tickets to cover transportation if eligible.

Do I need to supply my own PPE to workers that I order?

If you have your own PPE to provide, great! If not, Prime Staffing also provides our workers with the necessary PPE required for the job. We enforce strict safety measures to ensure the well-being of the worker and client.

What is the policy for drugs and alcohol?

No employee shall be under the influence of, in possession of, and/or using alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than medicines given under a Doctor’s prescription) during paid working hours. The solicitation, distribution and/or purchasing of drugs is strictly prohibited on Prime Staffing and our clients’ property. We currently have a drug and alcohol policy in place and zero tolerance.

PrimePro helps businesses with accessibility to quality people with the right set of skills and level of expertise. We work around your schedule and ensure you are matched with great people you can trust.


Get a professional on your own schedule

Hiring a PrimePro worker gives you a cost effective way of managing your workforce by providing you a wide range of skills for your business needs, while ensuring you have the right person matched for your job. Book qualified workers in advanced to cover your needs without hiring your own full-time staff.

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Prime Staffing provides all your staffing needs for an array of industries and work. We serve Edmonton and surrounding areas, including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Acheson, Nisku, Devon, and Strathcona County. We are a proud COR Safety company and a Partner in Injury Reduction.


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