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The health and safety of everyone including our staff and clients is our main priority. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Prime Staffing is:

Here are some of the measures that Prime Staffing has recently implemented:

1. Unique offerings like our COVID Cohort Plan – a short term staffing solution that reduces the number of unique visitors to our customer sites to help our clients adhere to the AHS Cohort guidelines.

2. In accordance with AHS guidelines around cohorts, new workers to the site will be required to wear a mask while on site for the first 14 days and sanitize their hands before entering the workplace.

3. Assessing anyone coming into our workplace or our customer sites that have any signs of sickness. 

4. Providing masks and hand sanitizer to all employees before deployed onsite.

5. Workers must wash or sanitize their hands upon entry and before leaving a site.

6. Using software to assist with social distancing such as online timecard entry and remote workforce deployment.

Prime Staffing


AHS’s Definition of a Cohort: A COVID-19 cohort, also referred to as a bubble, circle, or safe squad, is a small group whose members – always the same people – do not always keep 2 metres apart.   


Prime Staffing’s COVID Cohort: We designate workers to a particular site for a determined period and guarantee that they will not to be working on different sites for different companies during that allotted contract period. 

Prime Staffing’s Cohort Promise

  • For the duration of the contract, workers will not be sent to other client sites. 
  • New workers to the site will be required to wear a mask while on site for the first 14 days.
  • Workers will sanitize their hands before and after entering a workplace.   
  • Prime Staffing will provide a mask and hand sanitizer as required.  
  • Prime Staffing will continue to follow AHS guidelines and employ additional measures as required.  

Benefits to the Client:

  • Cohorts mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19 and other pathogens while still meeting short term organizational staffing requirements.  
  • Reducing HR overhead costs associated with handling short term staffing requirements.  
  • The option to hire the cohort workers after an agreed uponnumber of hours worked.  
  • The option to continue the contract beyond the predefined period and cancel at any point after the contract period has expired.
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